samedi, décembre 31, 2005

Un Ph. D. en résistance!

Les choses bougent! Après qu'Anthony Fenton et Dennis Bernstein eurent outé la correspondante de Associated Press et du New York Times à Haïti sur Flashpoint, l'AP l'a virée! Et à Montréal:

10h lundi 2 janvier
Aux bureaux de circonscription de Pierre Pettigrew (2348, Jean-Talon Est, bureau 200, Metro Iberville) et Denis Coderre (4975, Charleroi à Montréal-Nord).

18:00 lundi 2 janvier 2006
Perle Retrouvée, 7655 20e avenue/Crémazie
Admission: $5
Chavanne Clerveaux Présente:
Magda, Sampol, Praize, Mac DB, Tac-Tic Polo, Kid Fleo, Meco D'Art, Asoto

18:00 dimanche 8 janvier 2006
Club Balattou 4372 St. Laurent
Chavanne Clerveaux & Joe Trouillot avec leur invité Ras-Irie (Jamaïque)
Admission: $10 à l'avance, $15 à la porte
A few people have said and written that I was released from a Haitian jail on Sept. 12 because of the privilege of my skin color and my holding a valid US passport. I won't deny these privileges, which I continue to use as leverage to tell the story of Haiti's killing fields, but it should be known that the judge who ordered me arrested on Sept. 9 did so precisely because I was white and a US citizen. In his mind my presence was a challenge to his authority and threatened to expose an arbitrary and politically motivated search of Father Gerard Jean-Juste's residence at the parish of St. Claire's church. I was using my privilege against him when I thrust my press pass in his direction and claimed the right to report on his activities. He made his intentions clear after calling me a "terrorist" and a "white bandit" finally concluding, "I am going to show you that this is my country, this is Haiti. I am going to make an example out of you to teach you I am the law here. Handcuff him!"

Seething in Haiti Part 1: The Screaming Suit, Kevin Pina

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