vendredi, janvier 06, 2006

Yves Boisvert, père de 3 ptits garçons

I Iran. Un président qui dit qu'il faut rayer Israël de la carte. Un gouvernement qui veut acquérir la technologie nucléaire et qui refuse toute médiation internationale. La menace nucléaire a un nom et un visage.

T Troupes américaines en Irak. Ils sont environ 150 000. On aurait préféré qu'ils ne fassent pas la guerre, mais s'ils se retirent, qui fera la paix? Ils sont là pour longtemps.

L'année de A à Z par Yves Boisvert, Yves Boisvert, 30 décembre 2005

[His] comments [that Israel should be “wiped off the map"] are doubtless deplorable, but would it be more acceptable for him to be announcing publicly that he is going to bomb Israel and the US, meanwhile demonstrating very openly that he is preparing the capacity to do so? That’s after all what the US and Israel have been very openly proclaiming with regard to Iran, and preparing to execute, for years.

No sane person wants Iran to develop nuclear weapons. However, it’s hard to disagree with the conclusion of one of Israel’s leading military historians, Martin van Creveld, that Iran would be insane not to develop them, surrounded by hostile and threatening nuclear powers, including the global superpower—which ... has a history in Iran that Iranians are unlikely to sweep under the rug as is done here.

Ahmadinejad & Iranian Nuclear Weapons, Noam Chomsky, 2 janvier 2006

Mais encore:

With modern technology, the gap between these programs [du genre que ceux que L'Iran poursuit] and nuclear weapons capacity is much narrower than it was in 1970, when the NPT was signed. There are ways to overcome that problem, including quite concrete proposals. But they have gotten nowhere because the US has blocked them, most recently in November 2004, when the UN voted 147-1 (guess who) for a treaty placing production of fissile materials under international supervision—unreported here to my knowledge, though I presume Iranian intelligence is aware of this critically important vote. There’s a lot more.

The US is playing with fire in this case. Iran does have options. It might decide to give up on Europe, assuming that it is too much under the thumb of Washington, and turn to the East, joining the Asian Energy Security Grid based in Russia and China. That’s part of a range of issues much too complex to discuss here, though it’s worth mentioning that it’s one of the reasons why the US greatly fears the danger of a sovereign and more or less democratic Iraq—facts highly relevant to current withdrawal debates, which are almost meaningless if these factors are ignored, as they are.

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