vendredi, juin 16, 2006

Rattrapage Chomskyen

J'étais vraiment déconnecté. Premièrement, info importante sur le bombardement de la Yougoslavie en 1999:

Once the standard inversion of the historical record is corrected (the timing of the bombing and the anticipated atrocities), the US official justification reduces to preserving "the credibility of NATO," which of course means "credibility of the US." For the meaning of "credibility," ask your favourite Mafia Don.

We know have a more authoritative source, however. From the highest level of the Clinton administration: Strobe Talbott, now director of the Brookings Institution, who was the lead American negotiator and director of a joint National Security Council-Pentagon-State Department task force on diplomacy during the bombing. Talbott wrote the foreword to a recent book on the war by his director of communications, John Norris. In it, Talbott writes that thanks to Norris’s book, anyone interested in the war in Kosovo “will events looked and felt at the time to those of us who were involved” in the war. That sounds fairly authoritative. Presenting the position of the Clinton administration, Norris writes that “it was Yugoslavia’s resistance to the broader trends of political and economic reform – not the plight of Kosovar Albanians – that best explains NATO’s war.” That had been surmised, but is now confirmed from a very high level.

NATO’s Invasion of Kosovo & Apologetics for State Violence, Noam Chomsky, 25 mai 2006

De l'info complémentaire se retrouve dans une entrevue du 25 avril accordée à un média électronique Serbe

Deuxième source Chomskyenne, cette conférence [On Just War Theory and the Invasion of Iraq, vidéo] donnée par Noam le 20 avril 2006 à des cadets de ... West Point! C-Span ne cessera de m'étonner.

Et finalement, changement de sujet, suis-je le seul à trouver que le geste courageux du magazine Rolling Stones est accueilli fort timidement (pour rester poli) ?

Was the 2004 Election Stolen?, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., 1er juin 2006

Velvet Revolution, dont c'est un sujet de prédilection, commente:

The Brad Blog was given an exclusive on this article and noted that in a sidebar to the article, Rolling Stone itself called for a complete federal investigation into the election.

Du présent blogue: Démocratie?

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