vendredi, janvier 22, 2010

Vous croyez qu'on est loin de la réalité?


Building Bridges Seminar – strategies and paradigms for fighting war, racism, monoculturalist hegemony and anti-Earth policies in “Québec”

February 17-18
The Molson Room, Sir George Williams Campus
Concordia University

Programme (to be confirmed):

Feb. 17th



“For a Quebec More Open to Dismantlement”

Erin Colborne-Molson, graduate student, coordinator, QII! Collective

“For a Quebec More Open to Opening Its Veins”

Jason Wells-Romanow, graduate student, coordinator, FromHiroshimatoHerouxville:NeverAgain! Collective

“For a Quebec More Open to Closing Down”

Erin-Soleil Bileng’mwe, coordinator, QII!, Burnaby chapter

Q&A: 1:30-2

Afternoon Break:

Swimming and recreation in gender-segregated atmosphere of cultural equality
(laical racists abstain)


Bill 101: A Racist Assault on Immigrant Self-Determination

Macdonald McGill-Wells, coordinator, QII!, Kingston Chapter

Q&A: 5:30-6 (French translation provided)


Musical Welcome Event : “Anti-Saint-Jean-Baptiste” Eve

Cross-cultural concert programme in English and other non-Occupier languages
(francophone racists abstain)

February 18th

The Zionist/Imperialist Trope in Occupation Media : The Cases of Ha’aretz and Le Nouvelliste Compared

Aaron Amherst-Colborne, graduate student, QII! Coordinator, Prescott-Russell Chapter

Q&A: 11:30am-1:30pm (French translation provided)

Genetically Unmodified Lunch: 1:30pm-2pm


The Parti quebecois : 40 Years of Indifference to Transgender issues

Erin-Soleil Wells-Durham, graduate student

Q&A: 2:30pm-5:30pm

Dinner: a choice of non-Catholic non-Occupier buffet

Evening workshops 7pm-10pm:

Herouxville and the Concordia Campaign for Disinvestment in Mauricie Forest Products: Results and Prospects

Jason Durham-Carstairs , co-ordinator for Bikepaths Outreach and Edgy Hairstyles, QII!

The 9/11 “Attacks”: What Did the ADQ know?

Erin-Soleil Brock-Colborne, coordinator, Campaign for Disinvestment in Bas-du-fleuve Syrup Products, North Bay Chapter

The Lies of Empire: “9/11,” “Tsunamis” and “the Conquest”

Jason Brock-Galganov, founder, Zit-Net Collective, Quebec correspondent for, coordinator, NoSyrupIsLegal! and DismantleEverythingNow!

For a Quebec Without Recognized Borders

Ditziane Gagnon-Godbout, vice-president, Québec Solidaire, Welland Chapter

The Parti indépendantiste and Anthropo-franco-genic Suboceanic Tectonic Forcing: Why the Eerie Silence?

Damon Ditz-Durham, coordinator, Coalition Against Franco-Catholic Settlement Expansion on the West Bank (of the Ottawa), Rockland Chapter.


Occupier, employed $10
Occupier, unemployed $10
Anglophone/bilingual, employed $7
Anglophone/bilingual, unemployed $5
Veiled: free

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