vendredi, juin 19, 2009

Sortir le Canada du Québec

“The central problem of this holiday for the more progressive Quebecois community is that this festivity celebrates the “pure laine” (literally translated as “pure wool”), a term used to describe someone born in Quebec and directly descended from European blood. The Saint Jean Baptiste holiday, therefore, focuses on racial purity thereby alienating the growing numbers of non-white, non-French and non-racist Quebecois (of all origins). Moreso this festivity historically effaces the very real historical and contemporary brutality toward’s Quebec’s indigenous communities who are virtual guests–and badly treated guests–in their own land. As such, the idea of celebrating racial purity would be akin to celebrating a national holiday for say the Ku Klux Klan; yet this holiday is never put into question in the provincial or local governments despite a recent poll which shows that 59% of Quebecers identify themselves as racist. Many Quebecois are considering holding anti-Saint Jean celebrations in 2009 in order to honour a society that is inclusive and non-discriminatory since many view honoring one version of history–a version that explicitly negates ethnic diversity and historical conquest–does not construct dialogue nor teach the truth about the multifarious types of conquest and empire in this province.”

National Holiday (Quebec), Wikipedia, en date du 19 juin 2009

Merci Antonio

Leur nombrilisme caractériel leur fait oublier l’essentiel, soit qu’il ne saurait y avoir de dignité nationale sans affrontement. La politique étant un rapport de forces, ils choisissent lâchement le repli…dans leur pseudo ouverture.

La fatigue culturelle de nos “zélites”, Pierre Schneider, 19 juin 2009

Ajout, 19 juillet 2009:
First off, as someone not from here I find this festival offensive at best. It is a celebration of racial purity because it is simply not about francophone culture only, it is about those from France, the Quebeboic of French origin and this is a racial issue.

commentaire sur AngryFrenchGuy, 23 juin 2009

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À 10:46 p.m., Blogger A haute voix Montréal a lancé...

Finally, someone speaking the truth about the xenophobia of this holiday! Bravo/a!


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