mercredi, juillet 04, 2007

La valeur de McGill University

Une salle de classe adjacente au bureau où je travaille sert pour des classes d'été, ici un programme d'études supérieures commun pour israéliens et palestiniens. Voici ce qu'ils ont pu apprendre sur notre belle patrie par la professeur:

-Les français qui viennent ici préfèrent parler en anglais tellement notre français est horrible. Elle même est 'techniquement' bilingue, ayant vécu toute sa vie ici, mais elle a appris "le vrai français" et ne peut converser avec les québécois (nommés 'them').

-la loi 101 est une aberration, et les 'francophones' n'en veulent pas.

-et j'en passe.

Les québécois n'existent pas à McGill, sont au pire une nuisance qui finira bien par disparaitre. Je me rappelle encore l'incrédulité d'une collègue (born and raised here, unable to speak french) quant à notre consommation de produits culturels québécois (you actually watch tv in french ?)

Sans trop de rapport, de la revue New Left Review, (2001), qu'on ne peut taxer de colonialiste, et pourtant:

The legacy of Groulx is now an extremely difficult one for Québécois nationalism. He was a very important figure for those now in their 60s and 70s, but younger generations care little for him, especially with recent controversies about the extent of his anti-Semitism.21 Jacques Parizeau’s infamous comment on the night of the 1995 referendum—that ‘money and the ethnic vote’ (sic) (an equation perhaps implicitly anti-Semitic (sic)) doomed the result—was widely and heatedly repudiated in the province, and Parizeau resigned as Premier the next day; but the lingering remnants of an earlier xenophobia continue to haunt Québécois nationalism.22

21 This is detailed (sic) at excruciating length by Esther Delisle, The Traitor and the Jew: Anti-Semitism and Extremist Right-wing Nationalism in French Canada from 1929 to 1939, trans. Madeleine Hébert, Montreal and Toronto 1993. Mordecai Richler relied on Delisle’s research for his caustic remarks on the xenophobic quality of Québécois nationalism in Oh Canada! Oh Quebec!: Requiem for a Divided Country, Toronto 1992, which elicited considerable uproar. Richler’s opinions are widely shared in anglophone Quebec.

22 Most dramatically in the recent ‘affaire Michaud’ concerning a long-time PQ activist, Yves Michaud, who developed an unsavoury obsession with the opposition of Jewish voters to the PQ and its national project. The controversy contributed to the resignation of Lucien Bouchard, who had succeeded Parizeau as Premier, when it became apparent that many in the PQ resented the extraordinary steps the Premier took to condemn Michaud (sic).

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On the evening of a bitter ice storm in downtown Montreal, a surivor of the holocaust incarcerates his French Canadian and her Nationalist boyfriend to teach them the meaning of persecution. The lesson goes awry.

Et du Macleans de mars: Le Deadbeat

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