jeudi, février 08, 2007

Existe-t-on vraiment sans la liberté

Vous me direz que c'est une maudite folle d'astrologue, mais l'ironie de ce texte avec ce titre était trop forte pour que je ne morde pas.
I lived in the province of Québec for 13 yrs, most of my formative youthful life. I left when I was 18 yrs old and never went back. I love that beautiful province - but its politics make it a very ugly place to live. I am fully bilingual - at the time, without an accent to differentiate me from an English to a French speaking Canadian. But it all started for me (but long before my time as well) with the OKA Crisis (1991) and then the implementation of la Loi 101 (Bill 101) where it was evident that anyone other than French speaking Canadians was not welcomed or tolerated in Québec. Many businesses and residents left the province as a result of such beliefs and it greatly impacted their struggling economy. Although they have been on the mend, such a move will once again impact the province in a very negative way. Perhaps they don't care... perhaps their desire to hold on to their own heritage, their own way of life outweighs all other human rights and quality of life. Such narrow-mindedness can only last for so long before it will unravel completely to the detriment of many. I have seen first hand how cruel and pathetic such a mentality can be. [...] I heard and lived every racial slur there is to be heard because of who I was and where I came from. They are predominantly not tolerant (exceptions do and continue to exist) – point in case… while in Mexico. There were many French Canadians at the resort and I found most of them (not all) to be rude, ignorant, arrogant and demanding of our guests. I made a few comments and at one point, put one of them in their place for their behaviour. Yet, they do not abide by the customs of others while visiting another country as they claim - do you honestly expect others to abide by your laws while in Québec? Rather hypocritical I believe. So does it come as a surprise that this has happened in this province? No not at all.

The Face of Racism

Et de nos amis les Marxistes-Léninistes (pronconcez comme le fait Pierre Falardeau):

Ce site a été conçu pour rire amplement de la débilité grandissante des kabacois qui, bien qu'étant les plus priviliégés de la planète, ne se privent pas d'écraser les plus faibles avec des arguments démagogiques et une pléthore de préjugés stupides sur ce qu'ils ne connaissent pas.

Nous vous recommandons vivement de faire comme nous et d'utiliser chaque occasion disponible pour accélérer la putréfaction du cadavre réactionnaire de la société québécoise.

Le(s) même(s) joyeux lurron(s) ajoute:

[L]’inanité, s’il était encore besoin d’en faire la preuve, [de] la prétention à un nationalisme civique d[u parti quebecois], alors qu’il n’a jamais relevé que de l’ethnicisme.

Un esti de trou

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