vendredi, mars 23, 2007

Des French Canadian Québecois

Réaction, en retard (oui oui, je vais visiter Technorati plus souvent), à une réaction à un billet précédant. C'est trop délicieux, vous devez aller lire. Note à la dame: "Vous me direz que c'est une maudite folle d'astrologue mais", meaning: "ok, it might not be representative of you average, rational canadian living/who has lived in Quebec, but", and the irony is that you're writing on racism and you're a blatant racist, not that you're an astrologer; good french, mam', or could it be your blatant irrationality ? Lâche la dope, man. Et, non, je ne m'abaisserai pas à commenter sur le blogue d'une raciste. Je travaille à la James Mcgill University, j'ai mon quota. Et lurker ? It's called the internet; try it, you might like it.

You have to love it when your very own head of state (or here in Canada, your Premier) is equally as intolerant as the state or province he represents.


I must again point out the hypocritical stance of the Québecers where the predominant building in every town – rural or not – is a gaudy adorned Roman Catholic Church, towering over most buildings in the town, crucifixes adorning most government properties, and Mary statues in many front lawns of most farms and homes. Growing up, it was rather difficult to find a French speaking public school… I was once beaten by my grade 3 teacher for not wanting to recite a Christmas poem due to my religious beliefs – she was never reprimanded for her actions. You are expected to recite the Lords Prayer each morning despite not being Catholic. You were in a Catholic school so you do it otherwise feel the wrath of the teachers or nuns that worked there. I experienced that until my father could prove that he went to an English Canadian school – where we were finally allowed to attend an English speaking public school. Many Jehovah’s Witnesses are stoned (not to death), pelleted with rotten vegetables by kids hiding in ditches and in my case, shot at by an Orthodox Roman Catholic man angry at us for knocking at his door one Saturday morning (he shot at my feet as I ran off his property). He said that the next time we set foot on his property; he would shoot us in the head. I was only 12 yrs old.


Religion is fine in the home but nowhere else? Really? Its mind boggling that the average French Canadian Québecois shoves their own culture and religious beliefs down the throats of its citizens but are intolerant of others. It’s a pure and simple case of bullying in the school yard and the bully is the Principal’s kid.

I remember sneaking to the front lines of the OKA crisis when I lived in Châteauguay to find many members of the KKK and White Supremist groups rallying and recruiting amongst the protesters. I was very naïve to think that racism in Québec wasn’t simply reserved for English speaking Jehovah’s Witnesses. Although I ignored my father’s wishes and snuck to the front lines – I needed to see it first hand. It forever changed me. A year later, I moved away and never returned.

So what will happen with this commission that was established to supposedly resolve this issue? The non-partisan commission headed by two Quebec intellectuals, sociologist Gérard Bouchard and philosopher Charles Taylor will hold public hearings across the province and have a year to table their recommendations on ways to accommodate religious sensibilities and practices. These recommendations will then be debated by the National Assembly. Do you actually believe this will resolve the issue of racism in a racist province? Call me a pessimist but I highly doubt one commission will change the mindset of a province living in ignorance and intolerance, especially when the Premier of such province is racist himself.

The Face of Racism - Part II
, queenwithouthercrown, 28 février

Notez la seule image de son billet, qu'elle a piquée à mon blogue à l'évidence, sans comprendre. Du sérieux, j'vous dis. Drogue, oui oui oui, drogue, non, non, non.

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