jeudi, janvier 28, 2010


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vendredi, janvier 22, 2010

Vous croyez qu'on est loin de la réalité?


Building Bridges Seminar – strategies and paradigms for fighting war, racism, monoculturalist hegemony and anti-Earth policies in “Québec”

February 17-18
The Molson Room, Sir George Williams Campus
Concordia University

Programme (to be confirmed):

Feb. 17th



“For a Quebec More Open to Dismantlement”

Erin Colborne-Molson, graduate student, coordinator, QII! Collective

“For a Quebec More Open to Opening Its Veins”

Jason Wells-Romanow, graduate student, coordinator, FromHiroshimatoHerouxville:NeverAgain! Collective

“For a Quebec More Open to Closing Down”

Erin-Soleil Bileng’mwe, coordinator, QII!, Burnaby chapter

Q&A: 1:30-2

Afternoon Break:

Swimming and recreation in gender-segregated atmosphere of cultural equality
(laical racists abstain)


Bill 101: A Racist Assault on Immigrant Self-Determination

Macdonald McGill-Wells, coordinator, QII!, Kingston Chapter

Q&A: 5:30-6 (French translation provided)


Musical Welcome Event : “Anti-Saint-Jean-Baptiste” Eve

Cross-cultural concert programme in English and other non-Occupier languages
(francophone racists abstain)

February 18th

The Zionist/Imperialist Trope in Occupation Media : The Cases of Ha’aretz and Le Nouvelliste Compared

Aaron Amherst-Colborne, graduate student, QII! Coordinator, Prescott-Russell Chapter

Q&A: 11:30am-1:30pm (French translation provided)

Genetically Unmodified Lunch: 1:30pm-2pm


The Parti quebecois : 40 Years of Indifference to Transgender issues

Erin-Soleil Wells-Durham, graduate student

Q&A: 2:30pm-5:30pm

Dinner: a choice of non-Catholic non-Occupier buffet

Evening workshops 7pm-10pm:

Herouxville and the Concordia Campaign for Disinvestment in Mauricie Forest Products: Results and Prospects

Jason Durham-Carstairs , co-ordinator for Bikepaths Outreach and Edgy Hairstyles, QII!

The 9/11 “Attacks”: What Did the ADQ know?

Erin-Soleil Brock-Colborne, coordinator, Campaign for Disinvestment in Bas-du-fleuve Syrup Products, North Bay Chapter

The Lies of Empire: “9/11,” “Tsunamis” and “the Conquest”

Jason Brock-Galganov, founder, Zit-Net Collective, Quebec correspondent for, coordinator, NoSyrupIsLegal! and DismantleEverythingNow!

For a Quebec Without Recognized Borders

Ditziane Gagnon-Godbout, vice-president, Québec Solidaire, Welland Chapter

The Parti indépendantiste and Anthropo-franco-genic Suboceanic Tectonic Forcing: Why the Eerie Silence?

Damon Ditz-Durham, coordinator, Coalition Against Franco-Catholic Settlement Expansion on the West Bank (of the Ottawa), Rockland Chapter.


Occupier, employed $10
Occupier, unemployed $10
Anglophone/bilingual, employed $7
Anglophone/bilingual, unemployed $5
Veiled: free

commentaire sur AFG, James, 21 janvier 2010

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  • All quieted on the word front (pdf) [he] therefore is telling us, loud and clear, that he not only is a dedicated opponent of freedom of speech, but he believes with equal passion that it is critically important to safeguard the right to lie not in the interests of freedom of expression, which he strongly opposes, as just demonstrated, but rather in one special case: to lie in service of power and privilege.

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