dimanche, août 30, 2009

ADM, génocides, fillettes afghanes: c'est con un journaliste quand même #2

Merci Peace & Freedom Are Achieved Through Understanding

ADM, génocides, fillettes afghanes: c'est con un journaliste quand même #1

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samedi, août 29, 2009

Les lézards sont là

Quebec mystery man posts anti-Jewish videos on YouTube

'There’s a seething racism that is coming up in what used to be a very quiet Canada,' B'nai Brith says

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Création d'un monde nouveau

U.S. author, dissident intellectual, and Professor of Linguistics at the Massachussetts Institute of Technology Noam Chomsky met for the first time with Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez in Caracas and analyzed hemispheric politics during a nationally televised forum on Monday.

Chomsky is well known in Venezuela for his critiques of U.S. imperialism and support for the progressive political changes underway in Venezuela and other Latin American countries in recent years. President Chavez regularly references Chomsky in speeches and makes widely publicized recommendations of Chomsky's 2003 book, Hegemony or Survival: America's Quest for Global Dominance.

"Hegemony or survival; we opt for survival," said Chavez in a press conference to welcome Chomsky. He compared Chomsky's thesis to that of German socialist Rosa Luxemburg in the early 1900s, "Socialism or Barbarism," and referred to Chomsky as "one of the greatest defenders of peace, one of the greatest pioneers of a better world."

Through an interpreter, Chomsky responded, "I write about peace and criticize the barriers to peace; that's easy. What's harder is to create a better world... and what's so exciting about at last visiting Venezuela is that I can see how a better world is being created."

During Monday's forum, which was broadcast on the state television station VTV, Chomsky pointed out that the ongoing coup in Honduras, which began on June 28th, is the third coup the United States has supported in Latin America so far this century, following the coup against Chavez in 2002 and Haitian President Jean-Bertrand Aristide in 2004.

The nearly finalized deal to allow the U.S. to increase its military presence on Colombian bases "is only part of a much broader effort to restore Washington's capacity for intervention," said Chomsky.

According to Chomsky, the region has the capacity to unite and form a "peace zone" in which foreign militaries are forbidden to operate. "Venezuela can help to advance this proposal, but it cannot do it alone," he said.

"The transformations that Venezuela is making toward the creation of another socio-economic model could have a global impact if these projects are successfully carried out," said the renowned author.

Aporrea.org, a popular Venezuelan news and pro-revolution analysis website, described Chomsky as oriented toward "libertarian socialism" and "vehemently anti-Stalinist" in an introduction to a recent interview in which Chomsky said U.S. President Barack Obama's foreign policy will be similar to that of the second administration of former U.S. President George W. Bush.

Chomsky addressed this issue during Monday's conference as well, commenting that Obama "could have much to offer Latin America if he wanted to, but hasn't given any signals that he does." He cited the U.S.'s indecisive posture toward the coup in Honduras as evidence.

Chomsky also addressed the media and freedom of expression in the U.S. "In the United States the socio-economic system is designed so that the control over the media is in the hands of a minority who own large corporations... and the result is that the financial interests of those groups are always behind the so-called freedom of expression," he said.

Chomsky said the growing disappointment with the Obama administration in the U.S. was predictable because the corporate media marketed Obama's presidential candidacy on the slogan of "Change We Can Believe In" but omitted concrete proposals for effective changes, and the Obama administration has since shown an incapacity to institute such changes.

Chomsky was accompanied in Caracas by the co-founder of South End Press and ZMagazine and system operator of ZCom, Michael Albert, and the co-founder and editor of Venezuelanalysis.com, sociologist Gregory Wilpert.

Noam Chomsky Meets with Chavez in VenezuelaJames Suggett, 28 août 2009

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jeudi, août 20, 2009

Nos ennemis sont puissants, mais simplets. Pensée claire, détermination calme.

L’intérêt de ce congrès mondial, pour les Québécois, réside dans le fait qu’il illustre parfaitement ce que le gouvernement fédéral attend d’eux et de la place qu’on voudrait les voir occuper dans le Canada multiculturel.

Exprimer l’originalité de son identité culturelle, enracinée dans la généalogie familiale, avec nulle prétention à intégrer les nouveaux venus pour constituer une communauté politique. Le politique doit se vivre à l’intérieur des institutions politiques telles que définies par la constitution canadienne qui laisse, évidemment, toutes les possibilités d’exprimer ses opinions personnelles.

Congrès mondial acadien, Jacques Beaumier, 20 août 2009

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mardi, août 11, 2009

Méta-réflexion sur le passage de David Simon à Bill Moyers

Merci hecKtör Dangüs, esq.

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lundi, août 10, 2009


J’ai cessé il y a déjà longtemps de prendre au sérieux les déclarations de Thomas Friedman [conscrit X], chroniqueur-vedette du New York Times [Haut-Parleur du centre de pouvoir Y] et auteur de best-sellers sur la politique internationale [chroniqueur à Radio-Canada].

Si elles ne sont pas totalement fausses, ses observations, toujours orthodoxes et faciles, correspondent généralement au goût du jour dans les coulisses du pouvoir à Washington.

Or, pour vraiment comprendre le monde, il vous faut une connaissance un peu plus pénétrante que les pronostics fabriqués par les militaires du Pentagone et les dirigeants de l’Organisation mondiale du commerce.

Un journaliste trop bête, John R. MacArthur, 10 août 2009

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jeudi, août 06, 2009

Steve Allan, canadian

Another incendiary anti-Quebec article from the Globe and Mail. It's become quite obvious over the last few years that the Globe and Mail is virulently anti-Quebec, it's anti-Quebec posture is one of its defining characteristics, but now they seem to be digging lower and lower, trying to outdo itself, often with articles that not only intend to provoke, but which border on hate-mongering.

Quebecers reading these forums should take note - the attitude displayed in the pages of the Globe are hateful and rather sickening, but they are moderate in English-speaking Canada. Take stock of what Canadians really think about Quebec and do what you must do - separate.

Anyone with even an ounce of dignity would not tolerate being insulted with this sort of hate, certainly not from people who are supposed to be your compatriots. Let's be perfectly honest, Canada will cease to be the dysfunctional nation it is the day it becomes two nations.

Vive le Quebec libre.

Commentaire sur Knock a chip off the old Bloc, Steve Allan, 5 août 2009

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mardi, août 04, 2009

Lui y connait ça

Patrick Lagacé sur le Rwanda

Patrick Lagacé sur Israël

Patrick Lagacé sur la réforme des médias au Vénézuela

Le site Venezuela Analysis sur le même sujet:

Community Media: The Thriving Voice of the Venezuelan People, Liz Migliorelli et Caitlin McNulty, 31 juillet 2009

Venezuela to Transfer Private Media Concessions to Community Media
, Kiraz Janicke, 3 août 2009

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Les Lumières

La Patrie

La Santé

  • All quieted on the word front (pdf) [he] therefore is telling us, loud and clear, that he not only is a dedicated opponent of freedom of speech, but he believes with equal passion that it is critically important to safeguard the right to lie not in the interests of freedom of expression, which he strongly opposes, as just demonstrated, but rather in one special case: to lie in service of power and privilege.

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